Hi! I'm Mark Louie Espedido, also known as Espi.

Builder of websites and applications that, with minimal exception, work decently well on nearly every kind of physical thing that is web-enabled. Read more about me.

Build Your Online Presence

The purpose of having a website is not just to impress but also to achieve specific business objectives. I do it well because I approach the task correctly—every project begins with analyzing the target customers, their needs and your solution offerings. The result is a much higher conversion rate and profit for your businesses. Whatever you're into, get it on the web.

Break Through with Branding

At the core of every brand is a pledge to those you serve–a promise to consistently do or offer something in a way they come to expect. What your constituents come to expect of you is built upon the foundation of what you expect of yourselves. And you expect and achieve excellence, every day. Let me help you achieve that and send the message clearly to everyone. It has to be good.

Uh-oh. Better Get Support

Are you restless if your websites are running smoothly, fast and secured? These are also the things that keeps me awake at night. Let me ease your burden. Keep your mind on the most important thing—to run your business and profit. I'll take care of the more technical stuff. Your websites will load faster, with optimized usage of resources and hardened security measures. You need an extra hand.

You Might Need A Sidekick

Did you just launch a website from another person or agency, but you didn't get trained on how to use your own admin dashboard and update your posts? They didn't onboard you to learn the ropes? I got exactly what you need! A user-friendly overlay guide right on your dashboard. I will get you using your site backend in minutes! Get the interactive tutorials.

Videos For Your Premium Members

We know that you have an incredibly loyal group of local students and customers, but have you considered how many new and existing ones would take your classes online, in their own time, and anywhere in the world? Even existing customers would love the convenience of taking classes at home or on vacation when they can't make it to your venue. It's time to offer video classes.

Featured Works

CallMyList Website (v1 and v2), Admin Portal and Customer Dashboard

In January 2012 after we launched one of his projects, I was invited by Matthew Erich to connect with Joe Montgomery. They were launching CallMyList, a voice broadcasting solution connecting business to their customers. They wanted me to help them build an exciting website from the ground up.

N. Carrasco Custom and Auto Repair

N. Carrasco is a highly acclaimed and reputable auto repair shop that is a block away from our home. They have been active since 2000. They are the experts in general servicing of exotic cars: Euro, Japanese and American Brands, providing high quality and unique services, in terms of specialty and quality.

Since their corporate identity is way off from their customer impressions, I offered to rebrand N. Carrasco's outdated logo. Here's what they were delighted with.

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Broadstroke Consulting
Healy Consultants
JN Productions
McQuillen Ranch
Miss Tam Chiak
Pragmatic Marketing
Raven Resort
Timark Wines
Turn Left Productions
  • Mark was a real treat to work with and had great attention to detail. He was very creative and provided a great value. I highly recommend him for any creative type services you might need!

    Tim McQuillen
    Tim McQuillen
    Chief Knowledge Officer at Rubicon Project
  • Mark is an extremely organized, responsive, and talented designer and front-end developer.  I was very satisfied with the quality of his work, as you can tell he puts a lot of pride behind what he delivers.

    Jason Youn
    Jason Youn
    VP of Engineering at Drinks Holdings
  • I don’t have enough good things to say about Espidesigns. Mark has made a few logos for me and he was quick, professional and great to collaborate with. He turned my logo ideas into a reality and I was very impressed with the results.

    Renee Briggs
    Renee Briggs
    Marketing Manager at Great Family
  • I have had a pleasure of working with Mark over the years on multiple projects. I have watched Mark transform into one of the best creative directors I have worked with. I feel very fortunate to have him on my team.

    Matthew Erich
    Matthew Erich
    Founder of CallMyList
  • Mark has done a variety of graphic work, both print and web, for my company and has always done outstanding work delivered on time and at a great value. I highly recommend him to others looking for first class graphics.

    Rebecca Kalogeris
    Rebecca Kalogeris
    Vice President of Marketing at Pragmatic Marketing
  • I hired Mark to rework the logo for my business and then to create my the website. Mark showed patience, creativity, and a willingness to offer sound advice. He delivered amazing results and gained the confidence of myself and staff.

    Montrial Harrell
    Montrial Harrell
    Big Data Strategist\Chief Data Steward at Broadstroke Consulting
  • His attention to detail, open lines of communication and desire to make his clients happy are something everyone should strive to achieve. On top of that, his actual work is BAD ASS!

    Greg Kraios
    Greg Kraios
    Founder/CEO at 250ok
  • I’ve used Mark’s talent on multiple digital projects. He always over-delivers. I hope he doesn’t get too much work from recommendations like this because I’m not interested in sharing him.

    Joe Montgomery
    Joe Montgomery
    Chief Marketing Officer at Core Principle