CallMyList Website (v1 and v2), Admin Portal and Customer Dashboard

In January 2012 after we launched one of his projects, I was invited by Matthew Erich to connect with Joe Montgomery. They were launching CallMyList, a voice broadcasting solution connecting business to their customers. They wanted me to help them build an exciting website from the ground up.

The Challenge

CallMyList had two key goals:


To create and modern, vibrant brand, a shake-up for the startup company.


To make a voice call software intuitive and easy to use.

I worked with closely with the CallMyList founders over several months to create a holistic brand expression and user experience. This collaboration kicked off with several emails and Skype meetings to thrash out what the CML products are for and its business offerings.

We took the ideas of the business as our starting point: ... This inspired the narrative and design of the websites, customer portal and admin dashboards as we moved forward.