N. Carrasco Custom and Auto Repair

N. Carrasco is a highly acclaimed and reputable auto repair shop that is a block away from our home. They have been active since 2000. They are the experts in general servicing of exotic cars: Euro, Japanese and American Brands, providing high quality and unique services, in terms of specialty and quality.

Since their corporate identity is way off from their customer impressions, I offered to rebrand N. Carrasco's outdated logo. Here's what they were delighted with.

Majority of their client base are owners of expensive cars. The shop didn't mind that they didn't look as a high-end auto service, but their clients trust them in all their services on high-end cars.

The goal was to create a refreshing image of the brand, adding to their original logo a familiar new branding. This would exalt its characteristics of their services in a clearer way, helped by a brand new, elegant and modern identity.

The new image brought the old auto shop to life without overshadowing the recognized but unsuitable look.

A new logomark for the logo was included to be able to stand on its own, for example, as a patch or decal sticker. The logomark represents fast cars, quality custom services, and outstanding auto repair.

The fresh identity matched the colors closely with their old branding—white and Ferrari red.

The typeface of the old logo have been analyzed and restructured to provide a clearer understanding of the context and to create a better brand identity.

In the end a modern and professional logo was delivered that made the company look exactly as its value.